You’ll feel better for doing the loving thing

For most of my life, I struggled with admitting I was wrong. Now, I actually look forward to it.

What brought on my about-face?

The best way I can put it is that I have seen the light. As a result of decades of working on myself, I’ve come to…

I wish the same for you — you deserve it.

Apparently, the four decades or so I’ve been in therapy are finally paying off — big time.

I could pick myself apart by questioning what the hell took me so long, but I’m happy to say my self-judgment days are over. …

To help us live the happy and fulfilling lives we so deserve

My nose isn’t that big in person. Just saying.

Moving on …

I treasure authentic connection. That’s why I read and write on Medium. I’m not interested in finding out “The Top 5 Android Apps of 2020” or the top 5 anything for that matter. …

If so, I got something to tell you … It’s FAKE NEWS!!!

Where the heck did you get that notion you’re not good enough?

I can assure you two things …

  • it wasn’t from reliable sources
  • it was from people who believed they were not good enough

Most significantly …


The Repetition Effect

Our “can’t get rid of you too soon” President…

Kindness takes the back seat when we get emotionally triggered

It’s easy to be kind, until it isn’t.

There is nothing I value more than being kind. If I could choose one statement to be said about me from the pulpit at my eulogy, it would be …

Art was a kind hearted person.

Yet, I can be one mean…

For decades, I bottled them up — these days they’re free-flowing liquid gold to my soul

Take a few seconds to examine the above image. What do you see? And how do you interpret it?

Regarding the first question, you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t it obvious — I see a tear dripping from someone’s eyelid and an image of two people kissing in an eyeball.”

Yep, I…

And it has nothing to do with the salary or the benefits

Well, not the medical benefits anyhow. Fortunately, I’m on Medicare and have an excellent AARP supplement plan to boot.

On the flip side, I’ve experienced innumerable benefits of the non-medical variety — I’ll get to those in a bit.

There’s no denying editing is a ton of work — that’s…

Here’s my plan to live out my remaining years with joy, love, and purpose — what’s yours?

On July 15th, 2021, I turned 69. …

It’s safe to reenter the world and play once again

That’s my fourth-grade school picture, which makes me 9 years old if my calculation is correct.

That sweet smile would appear to indicate I was a happy little boy, but that was far from the case.

My childhood memories reveal a very different story.

When I scroll up again to…


Let’s connect to build an awesome community

And I happen to have a suggestion for a great way to do that!

Not only am I confident it will work — I’m equally confident it will take up very little of your time, at most a few minutes every day or so.

I believe with all my heart…

Art Bram

I love to write. Why? Because it gets me in touch with myself. It’s therapeutic for me and hopefully helpful to others. That’s my goal, to touch hearts!

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