If You’re Interested in How to Do Inner Child Work

Here is what works for me — perhaps you want to give it a try

Art Bram
4 min readMar 5


picture of me as a kid, courtesy of author

I do inner child work by accessing my higher power (HP).

My HP speaks to me via a voice in my head that I think of as that of my loving inner parent.

The inner child that is present within 70-year-old me suffers a lot. It’s all unnecessary.

The suffering is a product of buying into a whole bunch of BS stories that he was sold a long, long time ago when he really was a little kid, and adult me never learned to question them until a couple of years ago.

I’ve had enough of buying into this BS. None of it is true. Yet often I get stuck into accepting these stories as gospel truth.

The key to discovering the real truth is questioning them. The vehicle I use to find the real truth is by reaching out to my inner loving parent (LP).

Every time I reach out, I feel better.

Why is that?

Because I feel unconditional love and acceptance. Precisely what I deserved when I was a little kid but never got.

Below is the unedited dialog I had with my LP this morning. In the dialog, I refer to my inner child as HC ( healing child).

Here goes.

LP: It’s been a long time since you reached out to me. How have you been?

HC: Ok. Feeling stressed, although I don’t have much to be stressed about. Just a whole bunch of stories I concoct in my head, and allowing them to stress me out. Would be doing a whole lot better if I would allow myself to be present, focus on what needs to be done, as in my priorities, and do them.

LP: We’ve been here before, haven’t we?

HC: Yep, we sure have. Frankly, it’s been a bit tiring.

LP: I get that. How about we come up with a plan. Are you open to that?

HC: Sure. You’ve never steered me wrong before. I love you.

LP: I love you too. By the way, it’s ok if the plan starts tonight, at the very end of the day.



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