In Four Hours I’m Off On a Plane to Visit My Aging Brother

At most I’ll see him 5 or 10 more times again in my life — how shall I show him my love?

Authentic Art
2 min readMar 27, 2024
Image by Prawny from pixabay

My first thoughts (actually my one and only) but it covers a lot of territory …

I’ll be fully present when he talks.

It will be most interesting to see where that takes me when I don’t allow myself to get caught up in thoughts about me.

Or any judgemental thoughts about him, like will the man ever shut up, or can he talk in a less excited tone of voice, as it’s not exactly relaxing listening to him.

Yes, I shall give “being present” another whirl, lol.

I had mentioned recently in another article that I might benefit from having a brush with death because that would give me gratitude for life, for all I’m blessed to have.

Well, it’s not exactly the same thing.

But visiting my brother, and knowing I have only X more times to see him in my life, and that X is a relatively small number makes me think about death not being all that far away.

So, in that sense, this visit with my brother triggers thoughts of a brush with death.

That being so, it psyches me up to take full advantage of this 5-day visit with my brother.

To be fully present.

To be as loving to him as I possibly can.

So I can take back the sweetest of memories for the rest of my life, beginning with setting foot on the plane on my journey home.

That I shall do.




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