Powerlessness Has Me Entangled In Its Grip and I’m Suffering

Fortunately, I see a way to loosen the threads

Authentic Art
5 min readMar 25, 2024
image of me contemplating my powerlessness

I’m praying my suffering ends tomorrow morning.

At least this pass of suffering (I’ll explain what that means later.)

That will happen if Derek, our home contractor, stops by my house with the $750 check he owes me for the work I paid him in advance that he never completed.

Derek is the person I’m powerless over.

He’s owed me the money now for over a month.

Derek has promised to send me the check time and time again, and somehow he’s never delivered. He’s come up with one excuse after another.

I gotta at least give him a point or two for creativity.

He’s made one mistake after another, including mailing the check with the last 2 digits reversed in the zip code, or so he claims.

Derek has mistreated me.

He’s acted like a total prick (pardon the language, but you know what they say … if the shoe fits).

So, yes my suffering will end if Derek delivers the check tomorrow.

But there will always be Derek’s in my life.



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