Why I Prefer Personal Heartfelt Articles Over Listicles

Both as a writer and a reader — it’s no contest. How about you?

Authentic Art
7 min readDec 30, 2021
photo by congerdesign from pixabay

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term “listicles,” they are defined as articles structured in the form of a list typically having some additional content relating to each item.

Listicles typically have numbers in their title, such as Five Signs of a Highly Intelligent Person written by Sean Kernan.

There can be overlap between listicles and personal articles — as listicles sometimes include references to personal experiences, and personal articles sometimes include lists.

That being said, personal heartfelt articles have a distinctly different tone to them than listicles. When reading a personal article, I feel a consistent connection with the writer. It is as if I’m in the same room with them, sitting across the table, and they are sharing their story with me as if I was a friend.

On the other hand, when reading a listicle, my sense of connection with the writer is minimal at best and never as powerful as when I’m reading a personal article.

That being said, listicles have their pros, both as a writer and a reader. One is not better than the other — it’s a matter of personal preference.



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